Driehaus Securities Corporation


Chicago, IL


Driehaus Securities Corp.


Antunovich Associates, Ltd.


  • New enclosed passageway and utility tunnel


Richard H. Driehaus has been termed “The Wizard of Wall Street” and is founder and CEO of the amazingly successful Driehaus Securities Corporation. He is also a world-class collector and sets dauntingly high standards for every project he undertakes. When he needed a construction firm to complete the renovation of the historic Ransom Cable Mansion he, therefore, chose Sollitt. We first completed a detailed and thorough analysis of the structure to identify existing conditions. Both the main house and the coach house were completely renovated, from the basement to the roof, inside and out. A new enclosed passageway and utility tunnel were constructed to link the buildings. All building systems were upgraded to enable the structures to function as the company’s main headquarters. The original details were protected as new structural members were delicately inserted to provide support for new HVAC equipment and a new, wider interior stairway and elevator. Heavy duty electrical switchgear and panels were installed in the basement and a maze of extra-large conduit was woven throughout the buildings to provide the power and communication networking capabilities demanded.