Goldblatt’s Office Building


Chicago, Illinois


Public Building Commision of Chicago


Holabird & Root


  • 162,000 square feet renovation
  • 14 months Construction Duration (2 Phases)
  • “Best Rehab Project” - Awarded by the Chicago Building Congress
  • “Preservation Excellence” – Awarded by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks


This project was part of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s “Neighborhoods Alive” program. Vacant and neglected for years, the Goldblatt’s building was spared from demolition and awarded Landmarks status. The Goldblatt’s department store was a collection of four different but interconnected buildings built 75 to 85 years ago. The buildings were carefully gutted while retaining many of the original interior and exterior features necessary to maintain architectural integrity. Elements retained include the central staircase, columns, the building’s original terra cotta façade, large “Chicago windows” and the water tower. To enhance building efficiency and bring the building to modern standards new systems were installed; these included elevators, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, communications, plumbing, drainage and fire-protection.