Nicholas Senn High School


Nicholas Senn High School


Chicago, IL


Public Building Commission of Chicago


Koo, LLC


  • 8.5 million dollar project
  • Abatement of existing flooring systems and lead based paint
  • Renovation of school that was in excess of 100 years old
  • Renovation of pool
  • Installation of mechanical exhaust fans on roof


The $8.5 million Senn High School project was undertaken in two phases, with the bulk of the work in the first phase. The project included renovation of interior classrooms, science and stem labs, art room, music rooms, ROTC, offices, bathrooms, corridors, stairways, as well as the
sports/athletic areas of the school. Which included the gymnasium, wrestling room and pool locker rooms.

The first phase consisted of Abatement of the existing flooring systems and lead based paint which was necessary prior to the renovation work as the school was in excess of 100 years old. The existing wood floors were removed and in-filled with light weight concrete to accept new flooring. Several classrooms and the gymnasium floors were stripped and refinished. Which included adding the highly detailed Senn High School logo in center court of the gym. We did combined two existing gymnasiums into one large gym for basketball and volleyball with motorized backstops divider curtain and ceiling mounted batting cages.

The music rooms and library were gutted and refurnished. In addition, upgrades included new sound control rooms and doors within these areas. The exterior roof and masonry parapets wall repairs were undertaken and new standing seam pitch roof was added over the existing music rooms with vaulted ceilings. Science lab upgrades included new fume hoods and exhausts as well as science casework and epoxy tops. Also, existing stairways were encapsulated and stairs were sand/bead blasted to expose the existing details of their ornamental iron for repainting. The existing walls were skin coated as needed as well.

Approximately 3 months after completion of the first phase we started on the second phase. This included renovation to the pool area. The existing mens and womens pool locker rooms were gutted and rebuilt. Also, a new pool heater with circulation pump was installed to bring pool area up to current IDPH standards. The renovation to the project also included new mechanical exhaust fans installation on the roof for the bathroom, pool area and science rooms.